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Produce and sale breaks through east wind Motor Corporation this year 1 million

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Produce and sale breaks through east wind Motor Corporation this year 1 million

East wind Motor Corporation is newest the report of produce and sale that publish shows, came this year in January in November, the company produces a car to make an appointment with 1.05 million, sale car makes an appointment with 1.02 million, breakthrough of in pairs of produce and sale closes 1 million times greatly, finish ahead of schedule make company of car of 1 million class the career cause that this has milepost sense.
At the beginning of this year, xu Ping of company general manager puts forward to managed a target to all break through 1 million for car of produce and sale 2007, achieve sales revenue 150 billion yuan. Xu Ping emphasizes, 1 million class are not the concept on simple measure, while dimensions is outspread, should note bring up again from beginning to end high management quality and benefit, note bring up again ability of tall own innovation, note level of management of tall internationalization of bring up again.
Analysis of report of in finished state of produce and sale of east wind company shows, east wind multiplies the scale that uses car and commercial vehicle already by the 3:7 5 years agoAdjust for 7:3, changed the past with in the product situation that serious check gives priority to, enclothed by the product that use a car basic model by with car, MPV, SUV, across model by wait with the car, commercial vehicle product enclothed small, light, medium, heavy truck and light, medium, large passenger car to wait. From this, east wind company already became domestic little some to realize the car company that whole set model covers.

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