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Luck of Guangzhou Feng Tiankai beauty 2007 year sales volume breaks through 170

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The graph is exterior of luck of Guangzhou Feng Tiankai beauty

"Happy event " always like to gather together. End last year on December 31, kaimeirui overfulfils the 15 sales that make at the beginning of last year to plan, year sales volume breaks through 170 thousand, year of advanced car city's new in was being created sales volume record, in getting the better of outstanding achievement to capture completely with 12 months total champion of sales volume of advanced car city. At demit old during seeing the New Year in, guangzhou abundant cropland spreads a good news again: To thank the broad consumer favour to Kaimeirui and deep love, "Celebrate seventeen 10 thousand new records to be born, happy event greet car of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day advocate acknowledge month " the activity is selling inn to spread out in wide steam TOYOTA. Arrive from January 10 on Feburary 10, car of triumphant beauty luck advocate can enjoy those who amount to 25 is free detect service, the client that orders Kaimeirui during this also can be obtained " great gift wraps He Xinchun " .

Guangzhou abundant cropland holds water to have only up to now oneself 3 years short much time, while ceaseless development expands, already held the post of with making outstanding product be from beginning to end, it is a target in order to transcend expectation value of the client, admire make " Trinitarian " character guarantees a system, hold to " improve continuously " the concept undertakes be tuballed strictly accusing to product quality, hammer into shape a Kaimeirui's unapproachable commodity force. Since appearing on the market more than one year, kaimeirui is had the honor to win with with one action of excellent product actual strength tens of award with special honour, obtain national hair to change at the same time appoint truckload leave factory the aptitude that avoid check, more outstanding is 2007 C-NCAP safety collides in the test, kaimeirui achieved security with outstanding achievement of 48.8 minutes 5 stars award. 2007, kaimeirui is mixed with its outstanding character outstanding integral performance, those who get broad customer is enthusiastic chase after hold in both hands, competing intense in advanced car city outshines the rest, produce per year sales volume to break through 170 thousand, successive 12 months continue to hold a title intermediate the market is single the champion of lunar sales volume of the model, establish oneself cannot the NO.1 position of shake. Www.hdscar.com

Guangzhou abundant cropland knows very well, the deep love of client of successful profit from. With " client the first " for the tenet, " feel deeply grateful, never forget where one's happiness comes from " the Guangzhou abundant cropland that regards an enterprise as the concept, more know to tell favour graph newspaper, pass on consumer with the service of overflow. Accordingly, to allow cars of all triumphant beauty luck advocate over- " set one's mind at " year, guangzhou abundant cropland began this in inn of sale of wide steam TOYOTA " greet the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day to acknowledge month " activity, false eve grows in the Spring Festival, those who be broad user " love car " served close " check-up " ; To the sale to Spring Festival eve inn orders the client of the car, act according to as much went up a He Sui " the ceremony is wrapped " , gift no matter weight, feeling loving-kindness friendship is deep, those who serve is an accident surprise and a thick blessing. Www.hdscar.com
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