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2008 family expenses are muti_function car market who advocate ups and downs

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2008 family expenses are muti_function car market who advocate ups and downs

At the beginning of 2008, the most heart-stirring message on Chinese car market comes from muti_function car market. Regard home as only 5 people CUV, xin Jiale 5 people since from last year the end of the year just landed Chinese market, the sale lasts fiery, order also rises successively, a lot of 4S inn had appeared the circumstance of goods, after the model that book also had discharged a few months.

Besides Xin Jiale, the other model that appeared on the market last year still has, mu Langdi of prosperous river bell

 Muti_function car: Transfer to market of illicit home car

And very long before this period of time, home is muti_function the main sale share of the car drops in market of car of fair, business affairs, also because such, basically use at the GL8 of business affairs

But now the circumstance produced a change, what roll out recently is muti_function car model is to be aimed at market of illicit home car technically mostly, is no longer give priority to in order to be aimed at officer's car market in that way with the past. A personage inside course of study thinks, what be market new power of the representing with Xin Jiale at present is arisen, what also mean China at the same time is muti_function car market is occurrent tremendous change, transfer to market of illicit home car from officer's car market. Www.hdscar.com

Because,this is, the agitation that drives a travel oneself as the development of Chinese car market and holiday in the ascendant, contemporary city family needs a recreational car to satisfy go on a journey more and more, shop and the need that welcomes a visitor. Below this premise, a lot of diminutive are muti_function the car becomes equipment to choose plan, include popular road is installed

 Xin Jiale: With exterior conquer consumer

And between these brands, the happy on behalf of model new beautiful performance that proposes idea of entrance CUV(Crossover Utility Vehicle) is most excellent. 7 people since appearing on the market oneself all the time market reaction is favorable, calculate the 5 people that go up to will appear on the market in December, hopeful of annual sales volume achieves the beginning of the year to plan the amplitude of nearly 200% , this also makes the personage inside a lot of course of study astonied, be what lets this entrance car there is so outstanding show after all?

Most viewpoint thinks, distinctive outward appearance devises the main reason that is Xin Jiale sell like hot cakes. Xin Jiale regards a pure blood relationship, former outfit that by Germany group of top class stylist designs as the entrance CUV is truckload, it at the same time shirt-sleeve the space of the exterior of SUV, MPV and car are held accuse, easy manner. Look from whole, xin Jiale's clipper-built automobile body adds tailgate of cog bumper, cubic form, move move is very, let this CUV be in of home all sorts of muti_function appear in the car all the more atmosphere, also a lot of consumer place value this.
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