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One steam horse amounts to decisive battle 2008 3 oneself paragraph model year s

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One steam horse amounts to decisive battle 2008 3 oneself paragraph model year sales volume sprint 100 thousand

In the one steam that held a few days ago media of Ma Zida Zhejiang acknowledges on the meeting, one steam Ma Zida expresses ambitiously, 3 brunt model should be carried 2008 (Ma Zida 6

Treasure knife is not old

Horse 6 popular Zhejiang

Advanced car is medium in regarding as " elder " , still carry the horse that before one steam the horse amounts to brunt model part oneself 6, retained green vigor through changing a money ceaselessly, still sell well in the car city with all-time and intense competition.

Data shows, 6 sales volume amounted to the horse 2007 53776, relatively grew 14% 2006, market share 7% the left and right sides. Be in medium ceaseless emerge in large numbers of advanced car city Kaimeirui

Want to be in the Chinese car city 2008 to be able to develop one's skill to full, one steam horse amounts to pair of horses oneself 6 express great expectations. One steam horse amounts to a hope oneself, horse the 6 sales volume that can complete 70 thousand this year. One steam Ma Zida thinks, compete as car city farther aggravate, in the fractionize market of advanced car also produced change. Future, break up in what consume a group on, horse 6 mix avant-courier of base oneself upon vigor (the crowd that accepts new thing easily) on fractionize market, successful to middle model (the masses that accepts new thing earlier) the market is permeated. Market research makes clear, major user can accept MAZDA6 vogue to change the modelling color of feeling in middle market. This one change of 6 is in the horse to had been reflected somewhat 2007. And go up in product sale strategy, horse 6 A of over or across, B two class market, among them market of car of class of B of main attack of equestrian 6 2.3L, equestrian 6 2.0L criterion with making 200 thousand yuan of less than optimal model is a target, market of car of main attack class A.

Recruit go into battle

Horse 5 all show actual strength

To domestic consumer character, horse 5 it is a brand-new model, this is the MPV that one steam horse amounts to the first to be introduced in order to import means oneself.

Service network is not quite perfect and fittings price is exorbitant, this is consumer to importing a car two be anxious greatly. Nevertheless, as a result of the horse 5 use network of dealer of one steam Ma Zida entirely, solved the problem of lifelong service. And horse the fittings price of 5 and horse 6 basic and identical, this became a horse one of competitive advantages of 5.

The 5 MPV that changed a tradition design the horse thought, seeking large space while pay attention to more high-powered, in motivation, hold accuse, the respect such as safety all has admirable show, those who established design of domestic MPV model and property is new fiducial. Horse 5 more economic space change is offerred inside the car, 7 can be car layout in specific market or 6, in order to satisfy pursuit efficient dimensional design. Horse 5 still can mix the 2nd the 3rd to lay, exceed large mothball space to be able to put down a bicycle easily, consumer of sufficient contented MPV is comfortable to taking high level requirement of the gender. On the price, horse the 5 homebred models in comparing the car that be the same as class only are 30 thousand yuan two tall, its advantage is self-evident.
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