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Strange luck A5 mixes motor vehicle to will serve an Olympic Games

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Strange luck A5 mixes motor vehicle to will serve an Olympic Games

Last week, national hair changes appoint give an official strange luck car is energy-saving of lab of project of environmental protection country establish program, national level is energy-saving environmental protection lab hangs out his shingle formally in strange luck hold water. This is the lab of project of a country with domestic automobile only industry, strange luck will build it international is advanced the technology with important facet of energy-saving environmental protection develops home's banner car platform and innovation base. Here setting falls, the reporter reached Liu Jianhui of vise general manager, Li Feng to have a special report to Yin Tongyue of president of strange luck car, general manager.

Reporter: Is strange luck in is the circumstance of research and development of respect of energy-saving environmental protection what kind of?

Li Feng: Above all, 3-4 month can put the diesel engine of strange luck on the market this year. The 2nd, field of new energy resources, can those who include the model such as electric car is release this year. Additional, hydric engine is You Jirui and Shanghai are the same as aid university joint development, and be ministry of science and technology releases outfit car the first times to move. The 3rd, alcohol fuel car will sold Brazil June last year, the end of the year can put in home market this year, executing in city of Henan province Nanyang at present try operation.

Reporter: Does strange luck participate in car of new energy resources of relative standard make?

Liu Jianhui: We participated in the car such as methanol car establish a standard.

Reporter: This year is an Olympic Games year, the move related what and Olympic Games does strange luck have?

Yin Tongyue: The Olympic Games of Beijing science and technology that starts according to government of ministry of science and technology, Beijing, BOCOG builds special task to show, investment car of 80 mixture motivation participates in service of Olympic Games traffic, strange luck wins the bid among them 50 portion. At the appointed time, strange luck car will organize " green motorcade " service Olympic Games, this motorcade includes 40 BSG to mix dynamical car infirmly, mixture motivation car is spent in 10 ISG, two technologies all carry car of Yu Jirui A5. Strange luck ISG and BSG technology already filed 144 patent. Www.hdscar.com

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