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Abundant cropland consideration builds new plant to produce per year in Changchu

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Abundant cropland consideration builds new plant to produce per year in Changchun can predict 100 thousand

Although abundant cropland car was in last year,quantity of produce and sale was not finished according to the plan, but still sell car market of China the key as the product this year, gave hopeful anticipation. Yesterday, the message says, be in China to come true year sell 1 million ends, feng Tianzheng builds a new plant in the consideration, and this project will raise what Feng Tian is in China to produce can, in order to promote the growth with rapid sales volume.

According to the program, abundant cropland car will build a new car base in Changchun, produce per year can predict to be in 100 thousand. And the view according to Japanese media, abundant cropland car considers to will invest 469 million dollar build this plant, and this one plan should arrive the earliest possibly to just began to carry out 2010.

As we have learned, feng Tian had owned a miniature ship-fitter plant in Changchun, and have a Pu Rui only this mixture motor vehicle has production in Changchun. If new base completion, will be the base that its can produce whole set model the first times in Changchun.

The reporter calls department of public relations of abundant cropland China yesterday, relevant controller expresses not know the inside story. But, the personage inside course of study is analysed, feng Tian hopes in China implementation produces per year the end that estimates 1 million all the time, after be in Japan and United States, become its to be in base of the 3rd big production. Accordingly, do not eliminate to expand produce can, build the likelihood of new plant in Changchun. Www.hdscar.com

"If Feng Tian builds new product base in Changchun, the model such as Kaluola will move to have production to the new plant of Changchun likely, with making up for Tianjin one steam produces can insufficient weakness. " a personage that is familiar with cropland of one steam abundant thinks so.

The data that Feng Tian published a few days ago shows, global sales volume reached this company car 2007 9.37 million, grow 6% before comparing one year. But still lag behind at adversary with 3000 difference general. Feng Tian says, its the overseas total sales volume last year is 7.1 million, grow 10% than the year before last year. The growth of overseas market sales volume made up for the fall of sales volume of Japanese native land market. Be in China, sales volume was cropland of one steam abundant 2007 280 thousand, sales volume was Guangzhou abundant cropland 2007 170 thousand, feng Tian sells gross to be 450 thousand in Chinese market. Www.hdscar.comwww.hdscar.com

It is reported, although abundant cropland car is in,global market sales volume grows apparent, but native land 2007 sales volume is little 4% . And of native land market frustrated, make abundant cropland car must shift his strategic emphasis China, Brazil, Russia, India such burgeoning car market, with maintaining oneself position. Feng Tian lagged behind at adversary with 3000 difference only last year general, and decrease with general the sales volume difference that is in China, it is the rapid point of growth of abundant cropland future undoubtedly.
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