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East wind company donates 5 million yuan to Hubei disaster area

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East wind company donates 5 million yuan to Hubei disaster area

From January 11 the first snow up to now, hubei province experienced bizzard 4 rounds in all, stricken be hit by a natural adversity population amounts to 21.5 million person, immediate pecuniary loss 7.25 billion yuan. Hubei the situation of a disaster caused the wide attention of social all circles. On Feburary 3 in the evening, hubei is defended inspect hold " wind snow heart linked to heart -- Hubei province fights snow evening party providing disaster relief " . East wind Motor Corporation donates 5 million yuan to disaster area people in evening party spot, express to disaster area people kind and condolatory. Www.hdscar.com

Since Hubei province suffers snow disaster, consideration of hour of employee of broad cadre of east wind company is caring disaster area people, admire people to fight the gallant feat that snow provides disaster relief very. East wind company regards state-owned and important key member as the enterprise, hold to all the time " pay attention to sincere letter, advocate outstanding achievement, consecratory society " viewpoint of value, performing good economy duty while, perform social duty actively, in such as especially big 1998 all previous calamity such as SARS is big calamity, medium 2003, reach the hand of aid actively.

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