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Shanghai is general 5 water chestnut plan to build small-sized MPV

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Shanghai is general 5 water chestnut plan to build small-sized MPV

Guangzhou, On steam is general Inc. of car of 5 water chestnut is developing at least 3 to show measure of product of minibus of carry out miniature to want to get much small-sized passenger freight car greatly than its, plan to appear on the market before 2010 among them two, one message personage of this company discloses.

Senior analyst Ceng Zhiling says the car market that Global Insight is stationed in Shanghai, chinese market is mixed at small area to dimension interpose between light-duty passenger car " exact small customer " demand increases ceaselessly, this is to go up steam is general the main reason that 5 water chestnut develop these new cars.

Code name of the first product is the model of N300, will going up at be being controlled in year this year steam is general factory of Qingdao of 5 water chestnut gets offline.

This message personage says to N300 is 7 small light-duty passenger cars, carry the 1.2 gasoline engine with 1.4 litres. This car is based on the platform of road of grand of 5 water chestnut, dan Bihong road wants " a few longer, a few wider " . The detailed parameter of this car is sealed.

At the grand road that 7 the beginning of the year appear on the market, wheelbase is 2500 millimeter, by orgnaization of Shanghai's general research and development -- extensive inferior development of limited company of car technology center.

The message of branch of Qingdao municipal government says: On steam is general 5 water chestnut are building product line for N300, by daily two computation are produced per year can be 150 thousand, predict to came true to be produced completely 2010 can produce.

Code name of the 2nd product is CN100, it is 3 dimension in developing a model the biggest. This message personage says CN100 is the small-sized MPV that an exterior is similar to wind of luck of river the Huaihe River, predict 2009 second half of the year begins to sell. Www.hdscar.com

"CN100 also can carry the 1.2 engine with 1.4 litres, market target basically is the demand of MPV of small-sized business affairs of medium and small businesses, " this message personage says.

This message personage says CN100 will with " low-cost " and " economic province is oily " as basically sell a site, say this car price can be in probably 7 to 80 thousand yuan between.

This message personage still says steam is general the small-sized passenger car that 5 water chestnut still are developing code name of a product to be V300 at the same time, size is a few smaller than CN100, but specific parameter still sealed.
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