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England is culminating and dynamoelectric car

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Culminating and electric car crosses England quickly farad benefit

(England " daily Post " dispatch) motor-car of environmental protection report saves oil, but defect is speed slow, violent wind car a group of things with common features do not look to go up more eye, but motor-car of a of British car plant final report, not only appearance cruel, rate is even rapidder than farad benefit.

Name of racing bike of this two seats is " lightning " (Lightning) , you Jing stops to arrive quickly 96 kilometers require speed per hour only 4 seconds, highest speed per hour can amount to 208 kilometers. At least of farad benefit 575Maranello should use 4.1 seconds, just can quicken speed per hour 96 kilometers.

It is driven by 4 engine, horsepower amounts to 700, but do not need waste time however half dribble, want 30 23 centimeters long batteries only can. The power that batteries provides, make it too feasible walk along 400 kilometers, when electric power is insufficient, need to be able to fill report with 10 minutes only, car plant points to on 12 years this car is usable.

England " lightning " racing bike. (Internet)

It is by   of Lightning   Car Company is made, the end of the year begins to have a test, estimating price is 150 thousand pound (about 460 thousand new yuan) , but because have environmental protection effect, can avoid many tax.

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