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Economy of the ecbolic small car that discharge an amount car will become high o

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Economy of the ecbolic small car that discharge an amount car will become high oil price brunt model

A few days ago, hair change appoint released new a batch (the 166th batch) car produces catalog. Below the powerful pressure of high oil price, economy car is become again next a few the middle of a month the main model of each firm go into operation.

In 38 cars of catalog showing a body, the platoon capacity that shares 24 cars is under 1.6L, occupied on the close 2/3 of car of a list of names posted up. In nearly 10 new cars, great majority also is economy model measure a car with small.

This much still is car catalog to did not change a money car and in produce a car. Nevertheless, in economy car, li Fan, surprise luck

Be in demon

Numerous peaceful becomes the new power of own brand car eventually. In announcement, the Changjiang Delta car that numerous peaceful buys is subordinate " numerous peaceful " a new car that code name is JNJ7160 obtains the trademark batch. This new car of numerous peaceful 1.6L is obtained batch, mean own brand to add one brand again. The Feiyate that hopeful of numerous peaceful new car draws lessons from his to buy La Qi inferior model, get offline in second half of the year appear on the market.

Auspicious become this batch to go up the manufacturer with most model of a list of names posted up, share the car below 11 banners to obtain new manufacturing batch. Among them, the taxi of Ying Lun Di Hua that by Hua Pu era is versed in appears again, platoon quantity is 2.4L and 2.5L respectively, this car is by denominate Shanghai Ying Lun taxi, operation will begin during Beijing Olympic Games.

In addition, go up this the new car of a list of names posted up still has China

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