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Hair change appoint newest announcement: Wide steam parts company formally with

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Hair change appoint newest announcement: Wide steam parts company formally with 50 bells

Already passed " 7 years urticant " line of business of a pair of cars " husband and wife " , divided in the 8th year however. Yesterday, this piece " divorce paper " below formal exposure Yu Tian.

Come from hair change appoint of official website newest announcement of a batch of cars shows, 50 bells of Guangzhou -- this joint ventures that is forgotten almost in Chinese car line of business -- partner of China and foreign countries is official lane raise whip.

Show according to announcement, hair change appoint approval agrees: Change of name of company of limited company of 50 bells car is Guangzhou " limited company of car of grand of Guangzhou another name for Guangdong Province " ; Limited company of 50 bells car already included former Guangzhou " announcement " all products delimit turn to " Guangzhou fine horse power car limited company " .

Between 8 years of one dream, the predestined relationship uses up swallow to fly violently.

And this result, whether to mean, does wide steam appear on the market is last obstacle being cleared away?

(1) " mysterious " new company enters place appear on the market asset

In fact, 50 bells are the 2nd when wide steam came 10 years in the past leaving associate, it is beautiful before this; Leave wide steam, it is 50 bells of loving Yu Qingling begin, but also be its She Ji in Chinese market. To wide steam, leave as 50 bells, the pace of its conformity passenger car and even commercial vehicle cleared away last obstacle. Www.hdscar.com

According to announcement, wide steam will be in former Guangzhou passenger car of grand of another name for Guangdong Province of new company Guangzhou holds water on foundation of 50 bells hold a memorial ceremony for. Yesterday afternoon, be in when accepting inquiry for a short while, the concerned personage of share of wide steam group, wide steam does not wish to express a view to new company, the high level in partial interior feels unfamiliar to the name of new company even. On Baidu, this one new company also is in with 0 records condition.
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