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"Country Ⅲ " be restricted to cause chain reaction greatly

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"Country Ⅲ " be restricted to cause chain reaction greatly

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Ⅲ discharges the country of the standard carry out caused short-term market to shake, exceeded the expert's anticipation, because of " country Ⅲ " the chain-reacting that is restricted to cause greatly also is in continuance.

Although country the announcement that Ⅲ is restricted greatly is not what news already, since July 1, country Ⅲ standard is carried out formally in our country, at the appointed time country the car of Ⅱ standard and derv car will prohibit sell and hanging out his shingle, but in a frantic rush is gotten urgently still in a few agency of home, to clear Ⅱ model seeks the state of inventory final leeway.

Say normally, in and other places of Beijing, Guangzhou, country Ⅲ standard is early begin to carry out, give car manufacturer obligate the time that preparation upgrades, but it seems that to certain car manufacturer character, country Ⅲ upgrades still is a tickler, take car cost to grow pressure to look for excuse.

In fact, china is jumped quickly in recent years rise to consume big country for oil, be next to the United States to reside the world the 2nd. Although Chinese car market still with annual the rate of 15% above rises, but standard of opposite Yu Ou's beautiful car environmental protection, our car still is high cost can tall pollution. If do not adopt the sources of energy of measure keep within limits to the violent wind that use up rises and increase of car emission considerably, contaminant amount of China also becomes the possibility the whole world the first.

Accordingly, executive country Ⅲ discharges a standard to be in China already no time to delay. According to the view of ministry of national environmental protection, date of Ⅲ of Chinese light-duty car discharges a standard in contaminant be restricted to be worth on as identical as Europe Ⅲ standard, according to calculating, country Ⅰ stage appearance compares Ⅲ phase and country, grain content is discharged decreased 70% , azotic oxide is discharged decreased 39% ; Country Ⅱ stage appearance compares Ⅲ phase and country, grain content and azotic oxide are discharged decreased respectively 30% the left and right sides.

However, actual condition is, company of a few cars is complaining however, rolled steel rises in price addition cost and Ⅲ discharges a standard and bring because of the country add outfit transform Benshangsheng, already made its all gain uses up almost to use up almost.

This country Ⅲ discharges a standard carry out, meet really the run that check stanch car increases quickly, also let company of a few cars move toward the brim of deficit at the same time. But Ⅲ discharges the country the influence that upgrade is finite and brief after all, and country of Ⅲ standard carry out in the round, will conduce to the model that promotes car manufacturer to manufacture more and energy-saving environmental protection, make car production and consumption enter a benign development airspace.
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