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Kelaisile denies application to go bankrupt protection

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Kelaisile denies application to go bankrupt protection

Report from our correspondent (reporter Guan Nan) the hearsay said Kelaisile is considering to apply for to go bankrupt recently protection, but Kelaisile appears personally give deny.

"This is the rumor that does not have a basis. " spokesman Dave Elshoff expresses Kelaisile. Although overcome Lai Si Lesheng to say it had the circulating fund of 9 billion dollar 2007,be in Zhang, but whether does market level pay close attention to its circulating fund particularly amply.

Kelaisile sale already dropped this year 23% , this company returns formulate with Cerberus20 of company of equity of collect of Daimule, illicit the credit of 100 million dollars plans, among them 1.5 billion come from Yudaimule, interest rate photograph compares London bank tower above 7 percent. Overcome Laisile last year 1.6 billion dollar of deficit. The capital catenary obverse side that these signal allow the market and orgnaization to suspect Kelaisile is faced rupture the crisis.

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