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Beg buy secondhand tiger of strange luck luck 1.6

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Caption of basic message news: Beg buy secondhand category of car of 1.6 of tiger of strange luck luck: SUV reachs brand of cross-country car car: Domestic brand- - strange luck car seeks the price that buy a car: The face discusses color demand: Travel demand: The platoon estimates a demand: Trade area: Guangdong province- - change the name of owner in a register of plate of Shan head city: Must deadline is restricted: A week person enrages an index: Position of 355 news: Adopt issue date of examine and verify: 2008-7-30 19:46:59 Car condition describes:
Car condition is good, automobile body is new, engine is not had repair over-

Configuration requirementDirection helps strengthCar end flow spoilerAM/FM radio / cassetteCD machineVCDFreezerFog lampThe car holds a phoneABS brake systemAlloy annulus circleGasbag of safety of deputy driver's seatGasbag of driver's seat safetyAir conditioning systemMedium charge guard against theftFour-wheel driveUnplug automaticallyThe hand unplugsEBSDynamoelectric antennaDermal sit chairUnplug automatically the hand unplugs seat of dynamoelectric driver's seat
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