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From Chang'an some 4S inn understands Ma Zida Hangzhou, at present privilege of model of 3 1.6L of new Ma Zida is in 11000 the left and right sides. Regard intermediate car city as the celebrity in athletic model, horse the 3 prices that were in Zhejiang in the past all the time very strong, thousands of yuan privilege was maintained longer period of time, of close recently privilege increase ceaselessly, make its competition ability more outstanding in be the same as scale model. The athletic model of intermediate car city actually can be counted on one's fingers, fox is new horse the main competitor of 3. Although the platoon quantity since Fox 1.8L compares a horse 3 go up high a little a level, but 10 thousand yuan of privilege of similar fixed position and terminal still give a horse the 3 pressure with was caused constant undoubtedly. And fall in this kind of circumstance, the horse undertakes 3 pairs adjustment from social status case is good method undoubtedly. Both all be with function of exterior vogue, motion conspicuous to sell a site, no matter who be, want to make a few concession on the price only, auxiliary with proper market measure, can give oneself square aggravating chip on the choice balance of consumer.

New Ma Zida 3

Directive price

Preferential price

Favourable extent

1.6 automatic and luxurious model

138 thousand yuan

127 thousand yuan

11000 yuan

3 embarking 2.0L used new Ma Zida S-VT alterable valve when control system, VIS advances the advanced science and technology such as gas manifold system changeably, having flowing torque output, 110KW of power of the biggest output, 100 kilometers are 9.2 seconds only quickly. Power of had hydraulic pressure of electron of EHPAS of speed induction type is auxiliary turn to a system to be able to be offerred below any speed essence of life allows and change direction safely, can reduce energy to use up more, improve fuel economy. It is Ma Zida's slender cause Ma Zida probably 3 look smallish and spell able, but the horse amounts to a bit of the space inside the car of 3 oneself no less than models that be the same as class. The wheelbase of its 2640mm grows 40mm even than Kaluola, and height compared with consider region even tall 15mm, arrive from fore-and-aft space head space is very ample

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