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A4 of wave motion of price of department of Ao Di car picks up somewhat A8L fall

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The Ao Di A8 that provides V10 engine will get offline in 7 years (graph)

Data of Ao Di A8 pursues

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Liu Xiaolin) the reporter understood from agency office a few days ago, the price of department of Ao Di car that leads car of a person of extraordinary powers price war all the time appears again fluctuant, a4 of cash Ao Di

Dealer shows, the standard type of Ao Di A8L2.8FSICVT of Shenzhen market 2008 prices had fallen to 780 thousand, more directive than manufacturer price became low nearly 100 thousand yuan, so big fall basically be the capital keep long in stock that brings because of inventory pressure too big. The Ao Di A8L of Beijing falls likewise considerable. Dealer shows, at present 800 thousand also can have carried A8L of an Ao Di, express, current and character, the A6L4.2 top that still puts on the price bottom line of A8L and market matchs the price of edition really too press close to.

A4 of new Ao Di

Besides A8L, of A6 and A4 fall still also maintain in perch. It is reported, suffer A6 of new fund Ao Di

(Sina car)

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