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3 departments push 2009 BMW again price threshold will be lowered after 318i is

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3 departments push 2009 BMW again price threshold will be lowered after 318i is homebred

The graph is new fund BMW 3 fasten

More plan of 3 departments group admires 2009 BMW

Exhibit in current Paris car on, BMW rolled out model of 2009 3 departments, besides apparent detail change, the 318i that rolls out afresh and 335i model cause wide attention.

2009 paragraph BMW 3 departments

Model changing a money is fetching the focus of attention is series product in, added 318i and 335i model. Advanced the 318i model that a few acting BMW ever appeared in 3 departments, once cancelled in cash, but 318i is returned to afresh now, will play detective further from the price. 318i and 320i use same fund 2 litres list 4 crocks of engine continuously, nevertheless air officer differs somewhat. The biggest output of 318i is 142 horsepower, the biggest torque is 190N · M, and the biggest output of 320i is 170 horsepower. Regard 2009 3 departments as medium admiral model, 335i introduces straight line engine of 6 crocks of double pressure boost, the biggest output is 306 horsepower, the biggest torque is 400N · M. Compare with cash photograph, in 2009 models changing a money, the power torque output of 320i, 325i and 330i model all has the addition of different level.

Predict 2009 3 departments will nowadays annual bottom is comprehensive and homebred, its price appears basic continuance some price systems, of 318i introduce will reduce BMW to be in further price doorsill of home.

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