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Guangzhou of eagle of 1.5L auspicious gold appears on the market

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Auspicious car is moved first times sense is economic model both sides car " auspicious Jin Ying " appear on the market formally in Guangzhou. Auspicious Jin Ying includes 1.5L the hand is moved and two cars are automatic archives, cent is standard type, comfortable model, luxurious model 3 models, among them standard type of 1.5L automatic archives fixes a price only fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, comfortable model price sixty-two thousand eight hundred yuan, luxurious model price sixty-six thousand eight hundred yuan, refresh the price record of car of automatic archives both sides, become 60 thousand yuan of less than exclusive car of a both sides of 1.5 litres of automatic archives.

As we have learned, have the only both sides car in product line as auspicious car, auspicious Jin Ying is expressed great expectations. In the North America Detroit this year the car is exhibited and Beijing car is exhibited on, jin Ying serves as auspicious advocate push ginseng exhibit a model to appear, it is auspicious first after transition of the strategy that finish appear on the market product.

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