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Detailed of plate change detailed rules dismisses 4 kinds of case alterable more

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Since today, the citizen goes out to get soon motor vehicle " make 5 days " the limitation that traffic canal accuses measure. Plate end date is 1 will prohibit with the motor vehicle of 6 start off travel. Yesterday, city hands in tubal bureau car to be in charge of place to announce, the car of 4 kinds of case, can belong to a car to be in charge of substation to deal with the procedures that changes name brand to place. This day rises, have the individual that is the same as group and date of same restriction end or family to be able to deal with motor vehicle to change name brand procedures. Will rise on October 25, have suffer with day be restricted the unit of car also can handle modificatory name brand.

4 kinds of circumstances can change plate

The branch that make a valve expresses, have just can deal with plate change with date of series remaining part and the car that have number of same restriction end. What point to with date of series remaining part is 1 and 6, 2 and 7, 3 and 8, 4 and 9, 5 and 0 (contain temporarily name brand; Date of end of motor vehicle card presses 0 government for English abecedarian) ; What date of same restriction end points to is date of end of car name brand identical.

City hands in tubal bureau car to be in charge of an assistant director Cui Yuqing to divulge, begin from 10 days, come round to enquire about the citizen that notes a word ceaselessly, before bringing neat procedure, some are in charge of a spot to seek advice toward the car. Considering convenient citizen, do not make a citizen much run road, the formalities that wants citizen place zone only accordingly is all ready, the car was in charge of place to deal with formalities of modificatory name brand for this citizen. Up to now, already many 100 citizen dealt with formalities of modificatory name brand.

Should remind a car advocate is, when changing name brand, cost of production of collection card card 115 yuan (name brand 100 yuan / deputy, travel card 15 yuan / ) .

Modifiable 4 kinds of particular cases

One, individual under one's name has 2 (contain) above motor vehicle, and plate end date all is those who be the same as group or date of same restriction end, can conduct business of modificatory name card;
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