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Control a library wildly " pressure " piece " gold 9 " ?

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Car city annulus will be made an appointment with than growing in September 20% , but finally 4 days " surprise appearance annulus is born "

Car city " gold 9 " " aureate " probable be by car look forward to " set " go up. Yesterday, sale data will show two of reporter control in September, one steam, the masses, Shanghai masses, strange luck

Perhaps the insanity of look forward to of a few cars controls money is to be in " 11 " the golden week " work energetically " , but will look from circumstance of each district golden week, car city is flourishing only Ding Buwang money. Insanity of 4 days will control money finally in September not only " pressure " gave bubble kind visional " gold 9 " , and will possible effect arrives October " silver-colored 10 " sale.

Nevertheless, "Gold 9 " the hope that still let industry see car city progressively get warm again after a cold spell. Sales volume of mainstream car look forward to will return the level before this year May almost in September, stanch will appear August " 30 months annulus is compared, compared to the same period sales volume glides at the same time " awkward situation. Look forward to of 13 mainstreams car appears annulus comparing, compared to the same period rapid growth. According to rough statistic, car city annulus will be in than growing in September 20% the left and right sides.

Xin Kai more

According to statistic, car city is medium in September, shanghai masses, one steam, the masses, Shanghai is general before ranking 3 armour, and sales volume of public of north and south is more in 40 thousand above. Shanghai is general with the rank the 4th, the east wind day of the 5th is produced, this cropland sales volume is in Guangzhou 30 thousand above. And the 6th to of the 8th for one steam Feng Tian, strange luck, Beijing is contemporary, sales volume is in 20 thousand above. Auspicious be in with divine dragon sales volume 15 thousand above, the platoon is in the 9th, the 10th. On specific model, nimble is amounted to

Lunar end controls a library 4 days wildly

Although car city is in in September stanch the impetus that glides many months continuously, but car business harvests not be true gold silver probably, the reserve that increases ceaselessly however.

The reporter obtained two data, contrast will sell change to be able to discover in September, will become insanity to press goods period to 30 days on September 27. According to rough statistic, finally in 4 days, shanghai masses presses money amount to be 12699, one steam, the masses is 11202, the 1/3 that takes whole sales volume almost is strong. Additional, strange luck also is initiated 4 days finally " sprint " , expedited about 10 thousand inventory to agency, divine dragon achieves 8000. Beijing special grade of blessing of general, Chang'an is in contemporary, Shanghai to be controlled 5000 times. Nevertheless, this cropland is in east wind almost 4 days can be pressed without goods finally, and east wind day is produced, cropland of one steam abundant controls money not apparent also.
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