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International oil price drops broken oil price of 80 dollars home is expensive c

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Basically suffer world economy to go low to will bring about demand to reduce the effect that waits for an element, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) market supervisory crude oil is package average price falls 8 days split every pails of 80 dollars.

The admire that occupy Europe digests the data that secretariat publishs 8 days, europe admire overcame day of average oil price 8 days to fall every pails of 77.38 dollars. Ou Peike oil price ever will achieve the record of every pails of 140.73 dollars on July 3 this year.

The reporter inquired yesterday, 3 completely beautiful common benzine are average last week retail price already dropped to every gallon 3.447 dollars, add up to every to raise 0.91 dollars (6.21 yuan of) , and the 93 gas retail price on Guangzhou market is 6.25 yuan. This means the gas retail price of Guangzhou to pass American retail price already high.

Oil of domestic finished product did not see depreciate

Senior oil expert thinks, want international crude price to drop to 95 dollars only, enterprise of domestic oil refining won't deficit, this is meant in oil, medium petrifaction entered gain " interval " .

However, case of oil price of domestic finished product continues " lag " , still maintain the level after will move price on June 20 this year at present. Not only such, there still is hearsay to weigh case of oil price of domestic finished product to got on small recently on the market move 100 yuan / ton.

Domestic oil price crosses the United States high

No less than room of pattern of oil price of domestic finished product is tall letting car advocate people incessantly of complain of suffering, zhu Junjie will buy car of an illicit home July this year, "Want cost of capture maintain a road, road bridge fee every months, it is 1000 several a year, " Zhu Junjie says, "Now oil price too tall, every month should use 93 1000 gas at least, plus mix around the unit in the village 1200 stop fare multivariately, the expenditure of a month wants this car at least 2600 yuan. " " 6.21 yuan of the family can be to include fuel tax, bridge of travelling expenses, road need not have paid fee after the car added oil, " Zhu Junjie says, "Case of oil price of domestic finished product is not reduced, our car advocate pressure will be greater and greater. Our car advocate pressure will be greater and greater..

The view inside □ course of study

Or leave first impose fuel tax

Concerned personage thinks, it is to open those who impose fuel tax at present " gold period " . Below the environment that oil price of near future international drops continuously, if the government has,reduce intention of style of oil price of domestic finished product, that can leave first impose fuel tax. Fat retail price of low finished product is moved again after asking for, the car after can making impose fuel tax so advocate the fat fee that pays actually won't rise a lot of. For instance fuel tax is every rise 1.5 yuan, and case of finished product oil price reduces 1 yuan, rose integratedly to just rise 0.5 yuan. If be case of finished product oil price,price is moved when rising malapropos, can bring about retail price to rise, plus fuel tax, close a vehicle advocate disbursement cost will soare. Close a vehicle advocate disbursement cost will soare..
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