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Blemish car recall (one)

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General principles of the first chapter

The first is the management that strengthens item of pair of recall of blemish car product, eliminate blemish car product to be opposite the risk that safety of the person that use and public person, belongings creates, uphold interest of public safety, public and socioeconomy order, basis " standard of quality of product of People's Republic of China " wait for law to make this provision.

The 2nd every is engaged in car product in churchyard of People's Republic of China production, entrance, sale, rent, repair an activity, applicable this regulation.

The manufacturer of product of the 3rd car (importer) produce to its (entrance) blemish car product depends on this regulation to fulfil recall obligation, assume the cost that eliminates flaw and necessary traffic expense; The distributors of car product, business that rent, repair business to ought to assist manufacturer to fulfil recall obligation.

The car product of the 4th work off is put when what this regulation calls blemish, manufacturer should according to the requirement of active recall or instruction recall order in this regulation, the organization carries out the recall of blemish car product.

The country expands need and demand of automobile industry government according to economy, according to automobile line of the products cent measure implements system of recall of blemish car product.

The country encourages car product manufacturer to consult to do code to decide originally, wait for a problem to the quality of other car product beyond blemish, develop recall activity.

What this the 5th regulation calls a car the product, show according to the country the standard sets, use at carry personnel, goods, by dynamical drive or by tractive road car.

What this regulation calls blemish, it is to as a result of,point to the design, endangers security of person, belongings unreasonable risk that creates what wait for the reason of the respect and exist generally in the car product of some batch, model or category to have oneness, perhaps do not accord with the case of the national level of concerned automobile safety.

What this regulation calls manufacturer, show in China churchyard is registered, make, the company that assemble car product and awards product certificate of approval with its name, and will make, the foreign business that assembly car product has sold Chinese churchyard.

What this regulation calls importer, show from the entrance outside the condition car product reachs the industry of Chinese churchyard. Importer is inspected it is car product manufacturer together.

What this regulation calls distributors, point to sale car product, control the money of engaging the load, company that opens bill.
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