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Blemish car recall (2)

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The report of blemish of product of car of the 4th chapter, investigation and affirm

The 20th manufacturer acknowledges limitation of presence of its car product, ought to work in a few days to report to director branch with written form in 5 (written report format sees accessory 2) ; While manufacturer is submitting afore-mentioned reports, the blemish car that distributors stops to sell place to involve ought to inform of the product with efficient way inside 10 weekday, will report content announce distributors. The manufacturer outside the condition still should work in a few days to inform with efficient way importer stops to import blemish car product in 10, send Department of Commerce report content telegram and announce importer.

The distributors, business that rent, car product that repairs business to discover its are managed may be put in blemish, perhaps receive a car advocate the car product that offer may put in blemish complain, ought to report in time to manufacturer and director branch (written report format sees accessory 3) .

Car advocate discover car product may be put in blemish, can be complained to distributors or director branch through efficient way or report (written report format sees accessory 4) .

Other unit and individual discover car product to may be put in blemish to should consult the content in afore-mentioned accessory and format report to director branch.

Branch of the 21st director receives manufacturer to accord with accessory about blemish of car product presence after the report of 2, according to product of car of blemish of the 5th chapter active recall order is handled.

Report of the analysis that the information system that branch of the 22nd director specifies according to its offers, processing reachs his to suggest, think when necessary, can notice manufacturer the message of relevant blemish with written form, ask manufacturer affirms inside designation time whether its product exists blemish and whether to need to undertake recall.

The 23rd manufacturer informs in what receive director branch to depend on the 22nd regulation to give out, affirm car product is put after blemish, accessory ought to be depended on inside 5 weekday the written report format of 2 submits a report to director branch, and according to product of car of blemish of the 5th chapter active recall order carries out recall.

Manufacturer can prove its product does not need recall, answer to provide the argumentation report of full and accurate to director branch, director branch ought to continue to dog investigation.

The 24th manufacturer is said to sufficient proof data or the proof data that its provide cannot be offerred to be able to 't prove its car product is nonexistent in proving a report in the 23rd blemish, carry out recall not actively again, director branch ought to organize a committee of experts to have investigation and identification, manufacturer can send a delegate to show a case;
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