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Kelaisile chooses Chinese new associate: Should " first love marries again "

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Kelaisile chooses Chinese new associate: Should " first love marries again "

Join in Kelaisile after two many months, mo Fei gives what homebred Che Kai gets Dodge now to get offline the spot. This is Mo Fei those who regard Kelaisile as Asian president first " show " . The place in this sedulous discretion child beautiful backside, kelaisile is in China the plan that increases joint-stock associate carries program suddenly already.
Mo Fei's place child beautiful
Controlled at 11 o'clock in the morning, after compere introduces honored guest attending the meeting, the first homebred Daojikai is gotten slowly from the activity backboard hind sails piece, the driver is not others, be Mo Fei, sit in deputy drive positional is Ling Yuzhang of president of Fujian automobile group.
This is Mo Fei take up the post of Kelaisile's Asian president two months come, appear publicly for the first time. Of coincidence is, from September 7 Kelaisile announces Fei of collect Chinese ink arrives triumphant get the day that get offline, just went full two months.
In-house personage tells Kelaisile the reporter, two months come, mo Fei overcomes Laisile to be in at understanding all the time the development state of affairs of Asian each market, include production, sale and brand construction, be too busy to appear at all so. Www.hdscar.com
Mo Fei discloses, 3 he just is mixed for the first time before week Xu Heyi meets, and Ling Yuzhang, he just saw one side till today. "In the past two months, I am learning understanding all the time, the thing that should know is very much, and I am to learn slower. " word of cherish of Chinese ink Fei is like gold.
Seek new joint-stock opportunity
Although have,media ever left before this " the mouth sticks a paper strip for sealing " impression, this discretion is different from Dan Mofei however common. But the reporter gets an information, mo Fei already in China search a joint-stock associate to carry program again.
As we have learned, recently one gives Kelaisile the report of new president in, the proposal of the understanding that Mofeidi made market of a few pairs of China and aggrandizement China business, mentioned among them reasonable use policy of Chinese automobile industry, raise the question of a joint-stock associate.
This is after Beijing runs quickly, kelaisiledi considers to add a joint-stock associate. Before Dai Ke is torn apart, because must be subject to,wear the strategy of the gram, caused its to be in China business progress is slow. This new put forward joint-stockly, having nothing to do with Mo Fei's arrival is.
That day, the front confirms Mofeibuken, he expresses, the China that has huge market allows foreign enterprise to establish two joint ventureses, we impose kind use. He still emphasizes repeatedly, the person that has had experience of Chinese market success is known knowingly for certain, want to gain a success in China, must want to realize this locality to change.
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