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Maintenance value hopeful is unified " steam writes a contract " be about to com

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Maintenance value hopeful is unified " steam writes a contract " be about to come on stage!

"During is car maintained a travel expenses of consumer how should calculate? " " if repair bad to turn again should repaired site talk things over first with consumer? " this morning, around wear what be about to come on stage " contract of Beijing vehicle maintenance and repair " , carriage management board of city industrial and commercial bureau, city invites vehicle repair company, disappear assist, maintenance guild personage and concerned expert held an open argumentation to meet.
Contract of city industrial and commercial bureau is in Wang Shan section chief to express, prove the basis the opinion that each just represent on the meeting, to setting an example text proves draft to undertake revise and be perfectinged, this year before the end of the year come on stage formally. According to statistic, this city motor vehicle retains the quantity has exceeded 3.05 million, enterprise of vehicle maintenance and repair also exceeds 6000. The engage by special arrangement that at present whole town has built model of more than kinds of 110 brand maintains a station 500 many, this year 1 to whole in September town enterprise of vehicle maintenance and repair maintains car in all 6.761 million second, grow 40.7 % compared to the same period.
Meet in today's argumentation the spot, car is same the repair responsibility of the problem gets consumer and disappear assist the collective attention of personnel. Qiu Baochang of chairman of committee of major of consumer of Beijing bar association thinks, same question for many times repair brought time and economically loss to consumer, not only should make clear steam to repair a factory to be repaired again, steam had better indicate to repair a factory to remedy a problem to this in the meantime. Repaired premise turns to had better indicate in the meantime " in the car advocate below the circumstance that agree " . At present each steam build same a replacement between the factory price six to one, for this, consumer thinks best can bright show. And the compensatory problem of false to using fittings, city consumer society complains a Shi Lijun to think, use holiday fittings is belonged to con, should compensate for strength clearly. Www.hdscar.com
Contract demonstrative text once will be in on July 24 at coming on July 17, 2007 " the window of the capital " , " Beijing is industrial and commercial " , " 1000 dragon net " the sought social all circles publicly opinion on the website. A few citizens are mirrorred, often encounter the situation of ask a price of all over the sky in vehicle maintenance and repair, should build warehouse of information of price of car a replacement, the proposal is in the contract highest to set of common maintenance project price fixing.
Someone says, his car needed spray paint because of cut loiter last year, but the quote of two 4S inn is a lot of poorer however. One signs up for 6000 yuan, one signs up for 2500 yuan. Because this a few citizens think, the exaggerated breakdown in should solving vehicle maintenance and repair, use theory of sham fittings, price the credit problem such as exercise of tall, black box. The proposal includes a contract maintenance price, undertake highest price fixing to a few common maintenance projects, prevent steam to trim ask a price of inn all over the sky. Another citizen offers then, director branch should build warehouse of information of price of car a replacement, facilitating citizen is searched, information library changes along with the market newer.
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