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Each old car manufacturer quickens Japan race to control is burgeoning national

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Each old car manufacturer quickens Japan race to control is burgeoning national market

Xinhua net Tokyo on January 29 special telegram (reporter Xie Jia) according to " Japanese economy news " 29 days of reports, feng Tian, 3 water chestnut, day is produced, the manufacturer of Japanese famous car such as this cropland goes heat in succession plan of expansion of site of sale of rising market state, quicken race to control to grow quickly " the Cenozoic Era " the market.

According to the report, plan of abundant cropland car builds a salesperson to groom in India to 2010 grind long center. Should groom the center will be set in class of Indian south city to add Luo Er

Near the factory of abundant field complete lathe work of city. The salesperson will accept the system that entertain a guest and sells the field such as the method to groom over.

In the meantime, feng Tian still plans to be the name " E-CRB " the each sale site that client management system recommends India. It is reported, this one newest client runs a system already in advance is used in Chinese investment, obtained very good result. It is linked together manufacturer and retailing shop through special railway line, to coming inn guest and the information of the guest that buy a car have centralize government, have very great help to lacking the salesperson of experience, and be helpful for raising an autograph to make an appointment with rate and client satisfaction to spend. Www.hdscar.com

The report says, feng Tian adds collect Er city to plan the small-sized car that start working produced low price 2010 in the 2nd plant that build at the class, predict 100 thousand or so to produce per year a quantity. To coordinate new plant go into operation, feng Tian general and local enterprise sign sale agent agreement, factorial increase 200, 3 times be now.

Occupy a story additionally, near future of car of 3 water chestnut is in Russia augment 20 factorial, increase shop number 100; the sale in Wukelan the network enlarges one times, achieve 80. These place are retail the management of the site also will call in from inside European subsidiary hand, manage directly by Japanese head office, send relevant employee directly. It is reported, 3 water chestnut are medium-sized car " La Se " in Russia market ovation, 3 water chestnut increased one year before hopeful of Russia sales volume is compared 2007 5 into, achieve 105 thousand.

In addition, ma Zida and big hair will be in henceforth 1 enlarge the sale network that is in China to 2 years one times; This cropland and bell wood plan are in to many 2010 augment retail dot of India; Day produces a car to plan the Brazil representative site end 2009 to enlarge 120.

The analysis points out, last in Japan and market of North America car low below confused condition, rising market country is become already have tall redound and the market of expensive growing space. Euramerican car manufacturer already launched offensive, japanese car manufacturer is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, strengthening unripe produce per year ability while, hard augment sells a network. The trend that focus of global car market changes to rising market country already gradually Anacreontic.
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