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Feiyate will produce Nanjing Sangdana

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Feiyate will produce Nanjing Sangdana

Shanghai auto industry (group) limited company plan produces the part of Sang Dana car move to go to former Nanjing Feiyate factory.

"The car of mulberry tower accept of latest edition will begin be in Nanjing May Feiyate factory put into production, " an official of development of technology of Nanjing river better economy says. Former Nanjing Feiyate is versed in the factory reposes in Jiang Ning.

The supplier of limited company of Shanghai masses car says, nanjing factory will begin to produce Sangdana on May 1 3000. A supplier says to about 500 come from south the employee of steam group is in Shanghai a factory accepts popular groom.

Last year in December, steam was bought on south steam, steam He Feiya cooperates especially to also proclaim south end.

Shanghai masses is by go up steam and people group all endowment established joint ventures.

This official with Nanjing peaceful river says, former Nanjing produces operation what Feiyate produces per year implementation 60 thousand completely. And the factory can expand further produce can. Www.hdscar.com

However, the people says to have not decide to whether move production division Nanjing.

"Produce to increase can, the masses is in balance a few places, nanjing is one of a few likely alternatives, " Gu Kai of manager of masses China public relations says.

This official with Nanjing peaceful river still says Shanghai masses will consider produce the own brand of a joint ventures in Nanjing factory. He says at present this car is in research and development. Www.hdscar.com

Shanghai masses begins to sell Sangdana at the beginning of January the Sang Dana annals of newest correcting model of 3000 handsome (Vista) . Www.hdscar.com

Sang Dana 3000 it is one of models with Shanghai best-selling masses. Fall according to J.D.Power banner inferior steam resources company, the sales volume of 3000 was Sangdana 2007 97048, grow 17 % compared to the same period.

The factory that how Shanghai masses v/arc be on the throne wells balanced at Shanghai at present produces Sangdana 3000.

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