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"Feng Tiansheng produces kind " the road of the globalization of abundant cropla

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"Feng Tiansheng produces kind " the road of the globalization of abundant cropland car

Xinhua net Tokyo on January 29 special telegram (reporter Liu Hao is far) newest statistic data shows, feng Tian Motor Corporation produced nine million four hundred and ninety-seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-four car in all 2007, produce 213 thousand more than general motors company. This is car of abundant cropland whole world produces per year a quantity to exceed first general.

Abundant field company is in hold water up to now in 70 old time, from Japan development of company of a home becomes the car with the oldest whole world to produce one of businesses. Make a comprehensive view its globalization

Course, feng Tian's achievement should be attributed to a company " the client is consummate " concept and the be inning that form from this the ability that the domain such as product development, production, sale and service innovates ceaselessly.

"Feng Tiansheng produces kind "

Alleged " Feng Tiansheng produces kind " , each process that rig product line namely in a word are in only necessary when the component that provides necessary measure. Feng Tian thinks, the only way that make the industry survives and assures profit lets cost would rather be the price that place of commodity kimono Wu pays under consumer from beginning to end namely. "Feng Tiansheng produces kind " basically avoided an enterprise to be in the waste of manpower, equipment and data side, reduced manufacturing cost greatly, improved manufacturing efficiency.

According to concerning the investigation data of the orgnaization, the United States 3 big Motor Corporation are in general, Ford, Kelaisile the component of North America purchases cost to compare Feng Tian tower above 8% , component supplier is best also to Feng Tian's evaluation. This how many with what change be good at with mathematical calculation and program " Feng Tiansheng produces kind " relevant.

Technical innovation and this locality change research and development to produce

Abundant field company put forward 1992 " abundant cropland basic concept " , among them a serious content is: Be developed ceaselessly in each domains and research the most sophisticated science and technology, provide demand of customer of can contented whole world and the product that is full of glamour and service. Www.hdscar.com

Up to now, outside dividing the orgnaization of 5 research and development in Japanese mainland, feng Tian returns overseas to set center of 8 research and development, cooperate cheek by jowl through the design group with place, ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, with the rapiddest rate design production accords with local habits and customs and the car that consume a habit. Feng Tian in the whole world 27 countries and area set 50 production base, there are 8 productions base and center of 2 research and developments in the United States only. Current, the abundant cropland car that overseas market sells shares many about 70 model, inside Japan the market has 60 models about.
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