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"China is built " this cropland quality overtakes Japan

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"China is built " this cropland quality overtakes Japan

This cropland Motor Corporation is the first will " China is built " the car manufacturer that the car exports Germany, Switzerland and Italy to wait for mature market.

This cropland car (China) the agency that Hironori Kanayama of limited company president visited Italy. He says, local shopper does not look to give China to produce a knight at all (Jazz) produce with Japan what is there to distinguish between the knight. Www.hdscar.com

The contain of Chinese automobile industry that the experience of this cropland indicates rapid development is worn tremendous potential, but this one burgeoning industry still needs to strengthen education ability to reach international level.

Kanayama says: "My target is to let China produce the quality of this cropland car to exceed Japan. I think we already basically achieved this one goal. I think we already basically achieved this one goal..

Last year, this cropland exported small-sized car of 25 thousand knight to Europe; This one word will rise considerably this year. Www.hdscar.com

Nevertheless, the car that gives high quality in production of this cropland China factory is not easy thing, and need time. The worker of its Guangzhou factory should cost a few weeks time to tear open outfit car. To ensure all respect no risk at all, the ability after this cropland is realizing the 4th month after batch is produced begins exit.

Kanayama praises Chinese worker compares Japanese worker more be happy to learn. He says, chinese worker won't be captious say " I do not like such, I do not like in that way. " Www.hdscar.com

Kanayama says, altogether of this cropland China company has 11 Japanese stuff only (include him himself inside) . Of course, japanese employee (all be the male) of administer is main branch (if produce) . He says, the ultimate goal of this cropland is implementation management this locality is changed.

Kanayama says, build at beginning 3 years ago when this factory when, he ever worried European this homebred cropland car in be being accepted hard. And now he a bit apprehension also was done not have.

But other and intended in China the car manufacturer that produces exit car should take care advertent, cannot act too hastily.

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