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Function of model of automatic archives car compares 110 thousand or so sell lik

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Function of model of automatic archives car compares 110 thousand or so sell like hot cakes greatly go all out

The near future has there is a netizen to enquire in asking to answer surely 110 thousand the left and right sides buys the car that blocks automatically, oneself take a fancy to masses POLO He Kai to jump over HRV quite two models, do not know how to be chosen, also hope to recommend other model at the same time.

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Since this netizen is hesitant between POLO and HRV, explain he is very favorite these two cars, it is these explicit elements such as brand and appearance at least like very much, then we see POLO and HRV first, have what kind of characteristic each respectively, respective actor bad is in.

The advantage of POLO:
POLO of automobile body workmanship is more outstanding

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Although HRV is pensile a brand that fasten a gram, but in one's heart is Korea big house. The wear of big house vehicle is inferior to the masses, use time grew chassis the meeting is inattentive, this are very much triumphant jump over a car advocate have this experience. As a result of brand concept different, POLO is a car that builds according to cart metric system, used laser beam welding to receive, automobile body cavity is noted dried meat wait for advanced technology, assured taller treatment precision and truckload wear, automobile body stiffness is apparent feel well HRV. Additional POLO automobile body of each place using makings and do manual work is the car that be the same as class in best. Interior trim maintained masses model consistent delicate, charge for the making of sth. is more more exquisite than HRV, and used environmental protection data in great quantities, unlike HRV has apparent taste inside the car in that way. POLO although automobile body dimension is lesser, but space of in front of is good, eye shot and design of person mechanic Cheng are not haunt, drive rise very relaxed.

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Content of POLO engine technology is high, motivation has been answered.

HRV uses Twin-Tec1.6L motor of Huo Du, camshaft of buy of DOHC double top 16 valve structure, most high-power 78 kilowatt, the biggest torque 142 oxen rice. The POLO engine of 1.6L is the 1.6L version that is based on EA111 platform development, technical platform and the 1.4L in the past are same, also be DOHC double top 16 valve structure. Although the power of POLO 77 kilowatt compares the 78 kilowatt of HRV slightly small, but many the 142 oxen rice that the torque of 155 oxen rice compares HRV is big, and the rotate speed that reachs peak value power and torque also wants than HRV a few lower, low speed torque is abundant, more accord with domestic consumer drive habit. And the engine of POLO with spiracle when volatile system, show of power of high low speed is balanced. In driving actually, POLO from 2000 turn 5000 turn can obtain continuously strong acceleration can, quicken dripping wet of process merry and lively, and vibration and noise control are better, sound is Orphean, apparent excel HRV. Www.hdscar.com
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