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Our country will produce a country into world the biggest car 2010

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Our country will produce a country into world the biggest car 2010

- the world the first not far from China

"2010, china will become world the biggest car to produce a country. " this is Xu Changming of head of department of natural resources of information of national information center was in a few days ago " analysis of market of 2008 China car is forecasted meeting " of aspirant travel forecast. Www.hdscar.com

After breakthrough of quantity of countrywide car produce and sale closed afterwards 7 million times greatly 2006, crossed a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position again 2007, crop achieves eight million eight hundred and eighty-two thousand four hundred, sales volume achieves eight million seven hundred and ninety-one thousand five hundred. Standing vice-chairman holds association of Chinese auto industry concurrently Dong Yang judges secretary-general, 2008, quantity of produce and sale of our country car will still maintain two digit to grow, hopeful breakthrough closes 10 million times greatly.

2007, euramerican wait for main car market with Japan, or occurrence atrophy, or backwater not before, and Chinese car market one branch alone beautiful, continue to carry the growth rate of 20% above. Right 2007 the characteristic of Chinese car market, xu Changming is wraparound for 4 big characteristics: Output of gross, car, outcome wants inside quantity, truckload import volume high speed grows, absolute magnitude achieves the history new tall. He points out, what deserve attention more is, the international position empty premise of Chinese car market is tall, had produced materiality change. Www.hdscar.com

Current, the platoon that gross needs to go up in the world inside Chinese car already greatly prep above Japan, chasing the United States quickly. After entering 21 centuries, the 2nd car of world is old country of Japan inside need gross to be maintained all the time control in 6 million, appeared 2005 small glide. And China maintains rapid growth momentum all the time, exceeded Japan 2006. Gross of Chinese car consumption is in global position is increasingly significant, from 4.3% what took global car consumption 2001, jump house to 12.0% present. Www.hdscar.com

Xu Changming is analysed, at present American car produce and sale measures 1.7 times be China, if be added according to present sales volume fast, chinese hopeful exceeds the United States inside two years, make market of world the biggest car. Will tell from crop, in big country of production of world main car, only the United States and crop of day the current year exceed 10 million. Chinese car output surmounts Germany to discharge alive bound a few years ago the 3rd, current, although the rank does not have a change, but narrowing quickly with the 2nd difference, the distance still has two years of difference the first times probably. Accordingly, xu Changming is forecasted, china will become the first car of world to produce big country 2010.
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