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Small-sized car warms up security should be caused enough take seriously

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Small-sized car warms up security should be caused enough take seriously

Price of a series of energy-saving policy that decrease a platoon, fuel comes on stage to involve the big setting that rise continuously in the country, small-sized car welcomed unprecedented development opportunity undoubtedly. No matter be the economic environment drive with great external world, still be the pocket that common people weighs in the hand him repeatedly, small-sized car is met necessarily more and more flattery.

Year old the Chinese car city at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign, what small-sized car changes nearly 9 years is low confuse posture, be taken seriously by the height of car manufacturer, new car try to be the first comes on stage. Last year in December, shanghai masses is pushed first new, CROSS POLO crosses a bound to appear on the market in Christmas night before last. After 4 days, ma Zida 2 rise to surface in succession with new fund swift. And this is to begin merely. Subsequently, still will a Tian Xinfei is spent, cropland of Sikedafabiya, abundant is Yalishi, beautiful 207 wait for more than 10 small-sized new car enters town, new Year beginning, small-sized car has the power of blowout greatly. Www.hdscar.com

The small-sized car that rolls out anew looks, appearance, technology, comfortable sex upgrade in the round, make small-sized car cast off cheap traditional impression, of all sorts of configuration with each passing day all ready, also make each brand small-sized car the advantage of take delight in talking about. Nevertheless, in all sorts of conduct propaganda about small-sized car, rarely seen however the attention to safety performance.

It is reported, society of assurance of American freeway safety (I? Juan IHS) wants pair of different level models every year number of every 1 million traffic accident death has statistic. Newest statistic shows, the accident probability that exceeds 7 to become makes small-sized car vehicle advocate shudder. World-renowned car component world of business Germany rich (a of Bosch) newest findings shows: It is in markets of 5 old main car, deserve to install system of ESP(active security) 13% what minicar occupies gross only. Be in China, relevant circumstance also is like person meaning very much. From China of 2007 year C-NCAP(new car evaluates regulations) in light of the achievement of a few rounds of collision that checks car, new the small-sized car that roll out safety performance already shined more a Huang Deng, homebred car is be the first to be affected more. Www.hdscar.com

The expert points out, safety performance is the very important one part in model design system, should perforative at truckload make whole process, defend configuration of safety of automobile body structure, 0 blemish and tall vigilant manual control are short of completely one cannot.
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