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Turn into autumn, what air runs is cool rise, there is a family to drive when the mood is bright and clear go on a journey, enjoying the boundless joy that modern equipment brings to you. But maintain well only your love car, it just won't disturb your appeal.

The love car that you can give you undertakes a lot of conserve, tire of face of lacquer of examination automobile body and batholith, car maintains, air conditioning of fluid of aspic of relieve of car giving love, car maintains, inside the car antiseptic cleanness. These conserve are necessary, very important, you perhaps won't be ignored. But can you notice the system that abandon a car maintains, do warm wind cop and fan maintain, do air inlet or fan of the grille that take wind, electron maintain wait a moment? They also are very important, but often by the car advocate people place negligence!

Above all, start engine room to maintain.

Enter autumn, you often should check oil of the engine oil inside engine cabin, brake and antifreeze, fluid seeing oil is whether enough, degenerative, whether to arrive to change periodic, these oily fluid are just as the blood that loves a car, to change periodic, must change, in order to assure the unobstructed that oily fluid circulates

Next, brake system maintains.

Often should check apply the brake to have without slacken, sideslip, the pedal of footplate of apply the brake steps strength to whether have change, clear when necessary the pipeline part of whole brake system

Again, warm wind cop and fan maintain.

Autumnal weather turns cool, bai Shuang can appear when air temperature is inferior, in this season, you want special attention it is normal that the defrost below windscreen glass gives blast tuyere to give wind, quantity of heat is enough, if appear problem, want to be solved in time, otherwise, can drive to yours bring insecure element.

Still have, air inlet or fan of the grille that take wind, electron maintain.

Often should check these place to whether have sundry, if have sundry, can use compress air to blow dust, additional, in engine cooling condition falls, can use monitor by in rinse above place outwards.

Additional, because door axis, slideway is rusted easily by the descent of sand blown by wind and the influence that wash a car, , the meeting when closing gives out abnormal knocking, this kind of problem wants only fixed above antirust oil can be solved on besmear.

Car lacquer face, tire, air conditioning, antiseptic conserve is admittedly important, but the car conserve that also does not forget detail to go up.

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