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Spare wheel serves as maintain the 5th tire that go up, always lie in mothball compartment silently at ordinary times. because such, a lot of cars advocate often meet those who ignored pair of spare wheel to maintain, when 4 other tire the state outside business of a certain hair, take out discovery of the ability when spare wheel, spare wheel is not shrivelled is craze. Maintain a few notes that the expert points out to spare wheel is used for everybody.
Use item 1
Because use frequency,spare wheel should not use spare wheel for long the low, attrition with the ground is little, and the dimension of partial spare wheel can be compared fetal size is a few smaller, its are compressed rate, embryo wide or tire diameter as different as the tire that uses normally, because this changes spare wheel hind, the coefficient of friction of 4 embryoes is different, the ground adds exert oneself to differ, baric and different, be being used for long can be the influence with change system and pensile system to generation all, certain to the apply the brake of car, bring hidden trouble to safety of drive a vehicle, still can make be the same as to attrition of other tire generation is inhomogenous wait for a phenomenon.
Remind: Some spare wheel use more bright-coloured color, the purpose reminds a car namely advocate change in time spare wheel. Additional, use spare wheel especially when the spare wheel of miniaturization, want to notice to control speed, below general situation with exceeding 80 kilometers / the hour is advisable.
Use item 2
The tire after repairing puts rear wheel, some cars advocate can regard spare wheel as the tire that has repaired, if these tire want to be used again, must put on blame drive wheel, general what we drive is intermediate reaching the following car is van car, and the direction that after becoming flat as a result of front-wheel drive, maintains more not easy control, the tire after be being repaired so should be put in rear wheel.
Use item 3
Spare wheel life controls a lot of cars 4 years advocate think, want to put spare wheel in mothball compartment to be not used all the time only, OK " long-lived 100 years old " , this is incorrect. Classics regular meeting appears such circumstance: Car advocate want to change after become flat spare wheel, but discover spare wheel is in however place old hind, serious already ageing, it is useless embryo already. Actually, because tire is rubber products, deposit time phenomenon of occurrence ageing of too long meeting, the ageing of general tire period control for 4 years, accordingly, spare wheel should change after arriving 4 years.

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