Car tire wears away out of order phenomenon and its means of settlement

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Car tire belongs to running stores, want to be contacted with coarse road surface deepness everyday, wear away the thing that nature is hard to avoid, must change after use period of time. But a few abnormal wear out condition are to be able to shorten the service life of tire, let it shift to an earlier date of come off sentry duty, and sometimes can from tire wear away degree discovers car hidden fault, must not treat sth lightly so. Generally speaking if the car does not have a problem, of tire wearing away should be even, if of your car tire wear away and inhomogenous, that may have a problem namely. We let see a few kinds of common tire wear away out of order below phenomenon and its means of settlement:

1, the midsection of tire is inchoate wear away: Main reason is to fill tolerance too big. Raise tire appropriately fill tolerance, can reduce the scroll resistance of tire, managing fuel. But aerate when the amount is too large, not only affect tire decrease brace up function, still can make tire deflection too big, with the contact of the ground the area is reduced, wear away to be able to be assumed by tread midsection only normally, form inchoate wear away. If be in narrow wide tire is chosen on rim, also can cause midsection inchoate wear away.

2, tire both sides has worn away big: Main reason is to fill tolerance to be not worth, or travel of long-term excess load. Fill tolerance when small or load is heavy, the interface of tire and ground is big, make the both sides of tire is formed with job of ground surface contact inchoate wear away.

3, of tire at the same time wear extent is too big: Main reason is front-wheel drive fixed position is broken accurate. When the extroversion part of front-wheel drive is too large, form of tire outside inchoate wear away, extroversion horn passes small or when doing not have, of tire inside the edge is formed inchoate wear away...

4, tire tread appears dentate wear away: Main reason is front-wheel drive fixed position is adjusted undeserved or front overhang hangs systematic position Song Kuang of head of wrong, ball, the wheel that makes roll normally happens to slide or form tire dentate wear away.

5, individual tire wear extent is big: The pensile system of individual wheel wrong, bearing bend or lopsided metropolis causes individual wheel individual tire is inchoate wear away. Appear after this kind of circumstance, should check wear away the working circumstance of the position condition of the wheel, independent pensile bedspring and vibrating absorber, should shorten at the same time wheel conversion is periodic.

6, bald form of tire occurrence spot wears away: Appear in the specific place of tire reason of tatty of spot bald form is difference of tire balance sex. When lopsided wheel high speed is rotational, specific place suffers muscularity, wear away accelerate, change direction to be not arranged at the same time, maneuverability can become poor. If discover in travel certain is specific,speed direction has slight when shaking, should have a balance to the wheel, appear in case spot bald form wears away.
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