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After passing a burning hot, high temperature, rainy summer, we greeted cool autumn eventually, this is one draws swimming good season oneself aptly, so, how to maintain your love car, does ability make your drive oneself swim set one's mind at, happy? Personage love a car says, the person loves a car temporarily, car sweetheart generation, such really, although autumnal weather is very cool, but you also cannot ignore pair of love cars maintain, to everybody introduction a few autumn maintain here the little common sense of the car, in order to have everybody consults.

The first, car is exterior maintain

Of the autumn in the morning, dew is more, car surface often very damp, if your surface love a car has apparent scratch, answer to do spray paint processing in time, lest scratch place be affected with damp be affected with damp and rustily, additional, be corroded acerbitily as a result of summertime rainwater moderate rain and of summertime strong light point-blank, hard to avoid of car lacquer face can be oxidized, in change garments according to the season when, the surface that you had better love a car for you is done from clean, polishing arrives wax, a series of hairdressing conserve that seal glair or plated film.

The 2nd, tire maintains

Tire is a car " foot " , in car safety travel, it is having decisive effect. In the summer, because air temperature is high, want to often check the atmospheric pressure of tire, must not make tyre pressure exorbitant, otherwise, can have the risk that become flat, and arrived the autumn, because air temperature is opposite inferior, tire is about to complement baric, in order to make its hold the baric range in the regulation, in the meantime, still should check tire to whether have scratch, because balata is in,appear more fragile, tire is easy flat, plunge into an embryo even, additional, often should clear the field trash inside fetal grain.

The 3rd, start engine room to maintain

Enter autumn, you often should check oil of the engine oil inside engine cabin, brake and antifreeze, fluid seeing oil is whether enough, degenerative, whether to arrive to change periodic, these oily fluid are just as the blood that loves a car, to change periodic, must change, in order to assure the unobstructed that oily fluid circulates.

The 4th, brake system maintains

Often should check apply the brake to have without slacken, sideslip, the pedal of footplate of apply the brake steps strength to whether have change, clear when necessary the pipeline part of whole brake system.

The 5th, warm wind cop and fan maintain

Autumnal weather turns cool, bai Shuang can appear when air temperature is inferior, in this season, you want special attention it is normal that the defrost below windscreen glass gives blast tuyere to give wind, quantity of heat is enough, if appear problem, want to be solved in time, otherwise, can drive to yours bring insecure element.
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