Acoustics changes his costume or dress foster strengths and circumvent weaknesse

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Current and most economy car, in every respect upgrade the space is larger, and itself of car of intermediate family expenses gradually hasten is perfect, accordingly, the key that this kind of model changes his costume or dress depends on, decide primary vehicle is inherent advantage, again right " congenital inadequacy " place try to improve.

Infrastructure: Be inferior to easily one static

Overall for, the configuration foundation of intermediate car does not calculate low, the consideration on the design is more comprehensive also, so, changing mount, if do not integrate the character of intermediate car, change his costume or dress at will, the effect often can be just the opposite to what one wished.

One, do not change primary car line as far as possible " trend " , because general and intermediate the wiring of the car is quite reasonable, normal circumstance falls not to need to be changed afresh again.

2, do not rip go waterproof film. After tearing open next door interior trim commonly, can see metallic doorcase go up with a waterproof film, personnel of a lot of construction disrelishs a trouble, rip waterproof film, and such doing bring about circuit easily water is drunk inside short circuit and car.

3, avoid to change original wiring harness. As a result of intermediate the car is compared with electric equipment much, use the wiring harness of bigger negative charge entirely, because bear passes,need not worry so big and change wiring harness.

4, do not increase at will result put. A lot of cars advocate say acoustics volume is insufficient, add easily result put. Change mount in acoustics actually, the horn just is the most essential, add great merit to put blindly won't make the effect better, can bring about acoustic quality to drop instead.

DVD lead plane: Product each has his strong points silvers coin in

Be worth what carry is, many intermediate car vehicles advocate be happy to enjoy DVD can look a function, nevertheless even if Aldine is intermediate car, also rarely former plant car has this to plant " costly " configuration. Accordingly, after on the market, car advocate often add outfit car to carry DVD chance, face the choice that makes a person dazzling.

At present the car carries DVD to basically have two kinds, one kind is homebred and special model, another kind is entrance standard type. This two sort each has his strong point, the advantage of homebred and special type is a function powerful, besides the familiar pattern such as supportive CD, MP3, DVD, socket of TV interface and USB, SD also everything needed is ready. In the meantime, its shell is beautiful, on face plate design, with be identical of primary vehicle seat, manufacturer form a complete set resembles after mount same, need not worry about compatible problem more, in addition, the price is low a be it more prominent dominant position. But its weakness is very apparent also, main show is stabilized not quite in character, especially it is acoustic quality, difficult to draw the aspect such as qualitative, durability the meaning that be like a person.
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