Protection adds cleanness of antiseptic car interior trim to maintain not relaxe

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The person that oneself drive can discover: Surface of falling filar silk cigarette ash, seat plays on crural mat piece a besmirch, inside the class refute shoe of door plank underside imprints, the drizzly dirt of appearance stage and ceiling. The cleanness that how solves car interior trim maintains? The cosmetologist points out, the cleanness of car interior trim maintains is not a relaxed work, should notice a car so inside daily cleanness, go regularly professional inn does interior trim conserve.

Professional cleanness and conserve

If you are compare busy car at ordinary times advocate, so all and daily conserve of above introduction, can be you to do sth for sb by inn of professional car hairdressing.

Conserve of professional interior trim includes clean inside whole vehicle, leather protection and vapour are antiseptic 3 parts.

Clean inside whole vehicle: It is strict according to remove dust, clean, maintain trilogy is right appearance control plate, ceiling, hind cloth with soft nap of crock platform, seat, ground, inside door plank undertake complete cleanness and comprehensive conserve, whole process is undertaken operating by 4 staff members, need to cost two half hours or so. Use in clean process among them all be neuter or weak acidity cleaner, its hangover arises without harmful gas, and volatilize inside a few seconds automatically, safe environmental protection, won't produce any harm to human body.

Leather protection: The leather that professional car hairdressing inn matchs stock a complete set of nurses tool, choose different tool to undertake operating in the light of different position. In addition, professional leather protection is mixed to cleaner maintain the extraction of the agent has particular demand with dosage, can remain because of redundant fluid agent the dirt in air of leather surface adsorption, pollute car core area.

Vapour is antiseptic: Professional vapour is antiseptic besides have comprehensive high temperature to the air inside the car antiseptic outside, the position that still gives the dirt of a few easy stockpile such as cloth with soft nap of blast tuyere, seat, ground and bacterium in the light of the air conditioning inside the car has a key antiseptic processing, ensure the mite bug that exterminates those naked eye completely to lose sight of, mould is mixed microbial, protect family and oneself health. In the meantime, won't cause loss to content of car interior trim, also won't produce pollution 2 times to the environment.

Appearance control plate: Appearance control plate is the easiest scrape up dirt, and have a lot of dead space, car advocate usable wool is brushed when proper motion is clean, wait to air inlet of appearance stage, air conditioning, switch, pushbutton everyday undertake brushing mop, prevent to dirt is accumulated and keep clear of hard. If appearance control plate is dirtier, need to use special appearance stage cleaner to undertake spraying, wipe clean with clean soft cloth. After cleanness, can candle of a watch board.
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