Shallow talk about car antifreeze

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Every 2.5L sells eligible antifreeze 30 yuan at least

Weather is colder and colder, be worth car friend to buy the fastigium of antifreeze, so for friend of average to car, when buying antifreeze, we

What should notice?

Choose antifreeze 5 measure

See the surface. The antifreeze of quality qualification is crystal and transparent, the antifreeze of off quality is very cloudy.

2 smell odour. The antifreeze of quality qualification does not have peculiar smell, and the antifreeze of off quality adds the substance such as alcohol, can have a few peculiar smell so.

3 see the value. Truly eligible antifreeze is about 2.5 litres to sell 30 yuan only, but unqualified antifreeze just sells 25 litres 30 multivariate.

4 see freezing point value. Press average level, the freezing point of antifreeze is - 25 ℃ come - 45 ℃ . Freezing point is in - the antifreeze of 10 ℃ less than should be the false and inferior antifreeze that makes with alcohol add.

5 look pack. Normal product tags clarity of all ready, handwriting; Handwriting of false and inferior product is ambiguous and easy erase, and inside and outside of the mark that pack nots agree with or tag not complete.
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