Wet loves car drive a vehicle piece

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? Does wet love a car? Drive a vehicle piece

? 5 big " maintain " allow your safety drive a vehicle

? ? When raining to issue rainstorm especially, road surface situation becomes complex, interference of line of sight is increased, drive in wet consequently, a few accidents are incidental also. Drive according to international safe investigation shows, the traffic accident that wet drives is led than ever tower above about fivefold, because this driver is when wet drive a vehicle,must raise vigilance.

? ? A few is having drive for years age old driver introduces, when raining, suffocate suffocate of line of sight, apparent distance is closer, encounter stronger storm especially, rain is brushed implement the rainwater that cannot blow clean windshield in time to go up, can make before the driver a faintness. At that time the driver holds favorable view with respect to need. When weather is dim, still answer open dipped headlight and prevent fog lamp. If windshield has frost energy of life, need steam, blow steam to windshield, eliminate frost to enrage as soon as possible, lest look not clear the car from the back.

? ? Be in and much observation watchs more when the line. Of a lot of cars outside rearview mirror did not heat automatically function, wet accumulates the drip-drop that stay to create blind spot of driver line of sight easily on outer rearview mirror, besides the rearview mirror outside seasonable cleanness, and the driver when the line also should see much attention more.

? ? Additional, if rain is blown implement the ability that sweep water drops, wet drive a vehicle observes road surface situation will be very difficult. Especially when high speed travel, rain is blown piece rise to rise, the ability that sweep water is poorer. Additional, the drive a vehicle in nocturnal rain, did not blow clean drip-drop to be able to produce all sorts of reflex below lamplight, make ahead view exceeding and dim, cause an accident easily. Accordingly, maintain friends of expert proposal driver, rain is blown implement had better change one year.
? ?
? ? Maintain ford not defect car

? ? The course love a car that becomes you has seeper or below crossroads, when the deep chamfer channel road surface that has flood flood, a few " dish bird " the driver often is to see seeper is in with respect to Zun Shan right avoid, this kind of method is actually breakneck, because Zun Shan is right,avoid make easily instead from the back driver misunderstanding, cause an accident.

? ? To a section of a highway of sealed depth of water, it is to jockey above all the deepness that examines seeper, the simplest method is the height that depth of water cannot exceed vent-pipe, if depth of water exceeds vent-pipe, cause easily destroy car; Depth of water exceeds bumper, easy drink water from the empty filter, mouth that take energy of life. If depth of water is flooded only little half tire, can hang block, live firmly accelerator, low speed goes continuously, stretch is passed, must not midway jockeys, shift gears or sharp direction, because operate error,prevent and cause damage of car flameout, engine. Also have to want high speed to cross ditch, puddle. Such meeting generation splatter, bring about actual ford deepness to increase, cause engine easily to drink water
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