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When crude price reduces international considerably, oil of Beijing finished product will be gone against on October 7 situation rise in price, your numerous car advocate feel accident fully. Beijing development and reform committee express, beijing benzine and derv are retail and fiducial the price parts every tons on tone RMB mixes 290 yuan 200 yuan, this action is to compensate Europe IV oil tastes raises cost, be helpful for enterprise of Chinese oil refining reducing deficit.

According to the relevant announcement of Beijing government sector, OK and retail fiducial price is management unit of oil of each finished product foundation, in fluctuation 8 % drift inside extent, make specific retail prices. Date and 90 date, 93 97 benzine rise after 8 % , highest retail prices rises for every respectively 5. 96 yuan, 6.37 yuan mix 6.78 yuan.

On each valence card of big gas station, special made clear " benzine of new standard cleanness " model of written characters, change in order to hint people oil is tasted environmental protection. The people that is risen even the month to irritate by oil price, want to bought sheet to be full of complaint by oneself to environmental protection however.

The beginning of the year, the country is right in oil, medium the deficit that crude oil of petrifaction treatment entrance forms undertakes allowance. Subsequently, to make sure oil of domestic finished product is supplied, price of benzine, derv since June 20 every tons raise a RMB 1000 yuan, aviation kerosene price rises 1500 yuan every tons. Below the premise that implements Europe IV standard ahead of schedule in Beijing, before oil refining and finished cost photograph are compared, want tall, but this Beijing oil tastes one-sided to rise in price, can make up for finished product oil to produce the loss of the enterprise partly only, to company cost pressure release action and not apparent.

Since such, why is oil tasted rise in price should so dear? The viewpoint thinks, international oil price falls one pail from 150 dollars 90 dollars are the following, fall such big, enough makes up for oily standard of Beijing finished product to raise pays cost. And, rise in price to this to answer, the government is opposite conversely farming, forest, the industry such as passenger transport of public transportation, country, taxi offers the city finance subsidy, it may be said was torn open east the wall fills on the west wall.

See not hard, this oil of Beijing finished product rises in price, the government undertook allowance to relevant industry, only alone the impact that illicit home car gets is the biggest, this was to emit an important signal undoubtedly: Beijing will increase the limitative strength that uses to illicit car.

Beijing car retains measure nearly 3 million, car tail gas already became the main pollution source of air pollution. Administer a program according to atmosphere environment, beijing takes the lead in implementing standard of IV of standard of Ⅲ of Europe of quality of steam, derv, Europe in the whole nation early or late. Of these two standards carry out, make Beijing motor vehicle discharges safer, clean, environmental protection. But retain as Beijing car the grow in quantity of the quantity, of environmental protection standard carry out, can rise to maintain Beijing to have the effect of air quality only, it may be said can take temporary solution, cannot effect a permanent cure.
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