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97Is date benzine cleaner than 93 benzine?

Answer: Incorrect. If accord with the benzine of national relative standard, their cleanness is spent should be same, the biggest differring is octane number, namely anti-knock properties

. Because finished cost is different, if 93 benzine want to raise an octane number to reach 97 petrolic level again, treatment company should raise more manufacturing segment normally, accordingly, price of 97 petrolic market also summary prep above 93 benzine. So, the exclusive level that chooses fuel category is the performance that watchs engine, car advocate need not go after high grade blindly.

What concern do compression ratio and choice benzine have?

Answer: Compression ratio is the rate that points to engine cylinder total volume and firebox, this numeric metropolis is written on the manual. Compression ratio is the main index that evaluates an engine work efficiency, the engine work efficiency with old compression ratio also is met betterer. Nevertheless, won't increase power better greatly to been compress for natural and inspiratory gasoline engine or improve combustion to wait, the car compression ratio that sells now so is more commonly between 8~11. Generally speaking, compression ratio should choose 97 benzine in the car of 10 above, and can choose 93 benzine in 10 the following cars. In addition, in gasoline tank the metropolis on the lid tags a car advocate the fuel grade that should choose and sort.

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