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Love car is maintaining again, to a person love a car, time of change garments according to the season is first those who think of is change garments according to the season maintain. Passed one summer " rush about " , also should do an autumn to maintain to it, maintain besides the convention of routine outside, return some places to want special attention.

 key one: Automobile body

 It is for not just beautiful

Face of lacquer of  automobile body is to have beautiful effect not only, still rise to protect the action of automobile body. Through one summer of the sun insolate, add the golden week to drive swimming trudge oneself, lacquer face can be differred the injury of degree. Autumnal dew is heavy, rain is more also, car surface is very damp, if there is apparent nick on car face, borrow the opportunity that maintains in the round to be solved thoroughly rapidly, lest be below damp condition,quicken rustily, "Cut " exasperate. Because this autumn maintains the first pace, it is to give surface love a car to do clean, polish, wax comprehensive hairdressing.
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 key 2: Tire

  should fill in time gas protects fetal pressing

The car that   has experience advocate when summertime drive a vehicle, can control the birth dropt a bit, in case temperature has the risk that become flat high. Arrived autumnal temperature is reduced relatively, should give tire complement fetal pressing, hold the baric range in the regulation inside. Best equipment a barometer, check fetal pressing regularly, when the embryo presses inadequacy aerate in time.

  autumn arrived, pluvial frost weather rises more, road surface is wet the attrition that slips to also ask tire can keep enough is spent, if tire surface wears away serious, should change in time new tyre, the tire that has repaired for many times also changes as far as possible. Tire of the balata when the weather is cold also hardens become fragile, reduced coefficient of friction, easy and flat, plunge into an embryo, even if changing new tire, also want often tire face figure medium sundry clear clean, whether does the examination have package of nick, beat.
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