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How to allow a car advocate more is the province oily?

1. arranges boot in time

Redundant thing meets those who add a car load, also raise oily cost thereby. Car a group of things with common features likes to put a few article to be in mothball box in order to have untimely needs, but each kilograms of load of the car all will affect oily cost, accordingly, whether should often contain inside examination boot the goods that does not need. After roof rack is used, should pull down instantly, otherwise, wind block will rise when travel, bring about oily bad news to rise.

  2. Block drive a vehicle high to save oil

To save fuel, do not make engine runs with needless high rotate speed when travel, should hang as far as possible block travel high, hang when engine movement is not smooth only low block. Go low continuously as domestic car price and traffic is embraced increasingly serious, blocked a car automatically to had gained ground more and more, when the limousine that provides automatic transmission case is quickened, answer to step accelerator footplate slow, do not step on footplate to change low block the position, gear-box chooses program of economic shift gears, hang ahead of schedule block high, lag is changed low block, reduce fuel to use up thereby.

3. low speed opens window high speed to open air conditioning

Open air conditioning less, be in especially block a car up or jockey when awaiting. Very a long time is in not quite cold not quite the ventilated system of car of the make the most of when heat and fan, or much open a window and need not air conditioning; Proper temperature also should be moved when need opens air conditioning, and not exorbitant or too low, block set of air circulatory system circularly inside the car, inside the car temperature is achieved enough when can put out air conditioning temporarily.

Some cars advocate for item oil, use below high speed condition shut air conditioning and open the way with car ventilated window, this cannot be taken, when 85km/h of speed prep above, the wind block after opening a window uses up the fuel more that uses up than air conditioning system, the fuel economy index that this meeting lets you falls 10% . Summing up experience is: Low speed opens a window, high speed opens air conditioning.

  4. Maintain middling speed travel most the section is oily

The fuel that speed can make car place is used up too slow or too quickly increases, usually, middling speed travel compares profit at item oil. Every kinds of model has rate of its first-rate economy, bring total rate namely. Large car is horary commonly 45 kilometers of 35 ~ , small-sized car is horary 60 kilometers come 90 kilometers. On the freeway, should according to the size of cylinder and car the condition at that time decides much faster, average 4 cylinder car had better not exceed speed per hour 100 kilometers. Allegedly, if this kind of car drives speed per hour the word of 120 kilometers, it can compare speed per hour 100 kilometers much waste time is oily 20% . Accordingly, reporter proposal, car advocate give many obligate a bit time, loosen to drive loosely gently, ability loosens save oil loosely gently. Avoid by all means is violent cheer fierce brake, can increase bad news oil to measure greatly only so. See get for nothing, forcibly overtake, grab row, needless high speed travel is " the one big killer of oily bad news " .
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