Car lacquer face nurses

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Car lacquer face nurses

Everyday travel is in different environment, face of lacquer of car automobile body is eroded through long decency, acid rain, illuminate of sun strong light, sand blown by wind, meeting gradually coarse loss of gloss. Among other dilettante vehicle carelessly, with other object or car scratch, and car by cut of person ill will, also can make lacquer face produces all sorts of loss. Car lacquer face should nurse regularly, can prevent and cure mainly 7 great common affection.

One, lacquer face oxidizes

Below the illuminate of sun ultraviolet ray, paint film achieves the effect that protects oneself to cent of hair-oil of the evaporate in air ceaselessly. Time grew to be able to make the oil of lacquer face divides beyond the mark be lost, the brightness of lacquer face and deepness are reduced greatly, make lacquer face becomes white slowly, form oxidation layer. Naked eye can observe car lacquer is sent black, hoar, lacklustre wait for a phenomenon, oxidation can be passed badly abrade handle with polishing.

2, traffic film

Love car produces intense electrostatic layer as a result of attrition in travel. Electrostatic pair of dirt, smeary with chemical dust adsorption capability is very strong, time grew to be able to form a hard traffic film, make lacquer range occurs oxidation to corrode extremely easily, usable and abrade polish is handled.
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