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1. is after sodden road travel, must examine tire case.

2. changed new tyre to must be done four-wheel fixed position.

In 3. use process, tire wants fixed " conversion " . Proposal10000 kilometers"Conversion " , can save the cost that changes tire effectively so.

The attention charges baric force correctly

1. at least the atmospheric pressure that every month checks all tire to fall in cooling circumstance, include spare wheel inside.

If 2. is baric had decreased fast, prove a cause certainly please (be like: Have deny ageing of balata of mouth of give or have an acupuncture treatment, lacerate, valve, craze to wait)

Fetal pressing must be checked please before 3. Sunday run goes on a long journey.

4. embryo is pressed be sure to be please below tire refrigeration circumstance (3 hours after jockeying at least or travel do not exceed20000 kilometers) examination, this information that baric value provides with car manufacturer is accurate.

Do tire to move regularly

Because position of car drive wheel is different (van is moved or hind drive) and change direction annulus wait for an element, of the rear wheel before bringing about tire wearing away is different. Wear away to obtain first-rate tire so state and longer service life, tire is moved be must. In asking referenced use brochure, move about tire directive.
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