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Camry (3 automatic wave)

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· information caption: Camry (3 automatic wave) · car category: Brand of car · car: Foreign brand- - Feng Tian- - Camry (3 automatic wave) · primary vehicle buys price: 0 yuan of · offer car price: Color of car of 65 thousand yuan of · : Utility of primary vehicle of · of Chinese ink green: Date of the card on · of for private use: 1995-9

Seating: Travel distance: Oily bad news of a hunderd li: Engine form: The car discharges an amount: Trade area: Guangdong province- - change the name of owner in a register of plate of Shan head city: Can finite term: Long-term person enrages an index: 43 news position: Adopt issue date of examine and verify: Car of 2008-10-14   besides description:
Camry (3 automatic)

Shan head door, the card on September 1995, blackish green is lubricious, automatic wave, double gasbag, scuttle, skin, electric window, CD, formalities is neat.

Make a price: 65 thousand

Connect a telephone call: 13809659643

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