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Fu Kang 1.6

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· information caption: Category of car of Fu Kang 1.6 · : Brand of car · car: Domestic brand- - east wind Xue Tielong- - primary vehicle of Fu Kang 1.6 · buys price: 0 yuan of · offer car price: Color of car of 40 thousand yuan of · : Utility of white · primary vehicle: Date of the card on · of for private use: 2000-3

Seating: Travel distance: Oily bad news of a hunderd li: Engine form: The car discharges an amount: Trade area: Guangdong province- - change the name of owner in a register of plate of Shan head city: Can finite term: Long-term person enrages an index: 4698 news position: Adopt issue date of examine and verify: Car of 2008-2-16   besides description:
Fu Kang 1.6

Shan head door, the card on March 2000, white, automatic wave, CD, skin, electric window, aid force to change direction, plan cost already was bought 2008, formalities is all ready.

Make a price: 40 thousand

Connect a telephone call: 13809659643

Car configurationDirection helps strengthCar end flow spoilerAM/FM radio / cassetteCD machineVCDFreezerFog lampThe car holds a phoneABS brake systemAlloy annulus circleGasbag of safety of deputy driver's seatGasbag of driver's seat safetyAir conditioning systemMedium charge guard against theftFour-wheel driveUnplug automaticallyThe hand unplugsEBSDynamoelectric antennaDermal sit chair
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