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Two handcart market: "Open brake to turn on the water "

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A few days ago, the reporter visits the hear of when Chinese steam wagon flow opens society in Beijing, looked forward to close half an year much " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " came on stage recently. Chinese steam wagon flow connects association secretary-general Shen Jinjun to tell a reporter, new administrative measure will relax further, reduce two handcart to manage main body doorsill, also farther standard two handcart trade the market, interest of cogent protection consumer.

According to international convention, the car enters a family 6 after coming 7 years, what can greet two handcart market is prosperous period. Controlled 2001, our country car begins to enter a family; 2004, two handcart trade amplitude exceeds new car first. The expert predicts, to 2007, the car of this batch of families that controlled city 2001 will change in succession, enter two handcart market gradually, at the appointed time our country will appear two handcart market trades height. Because two handcart shed an administrative measure,new old acquaintance replaces those who need the left and right sides 1 year to transfer period, come on stage at present " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " it may be said " just be an opportunity " . Two handcart amounts of current our country have new car only 30% the left and right sides, the scale photograph that exceeds 70% with the developed country has space of quite big market than returning, publish administrative measure at this moment also market of will farther press close to, straighten all sorts of mechanisms, be helpful for secondhand henceforth the benign development of car market.

Break " the market " forestall

Current, two handcart trade must trade by two handcart the market will finish, "Do not have semicolon " , new administrative measure will manage doorsill, implementation to manage main body diversity through be being reduced further, smash state of this kind of forestall.

New measure sets, trade except two handcart outside the market, firm of two handcart management company, two handcart auction can undertake two handcart trade, open the whole nation to unite bill. The two handcart that this means the car manufacturer such as Shanghai general, one steam masses, Shanghai masses not only manage a company to rely on the end two handcart to trade the times that the market will come to to trade, in the meantime, also mean civilian battalion capital, foreign country capital to be able to enter this one field. Shanghai is general sincere new a controller of 2 cars management company expresses to the reporter: New management measure gives us " loosened to bind " , we will be done truly henceforth do greatly strong, make a brand come.

But in new measure, individual and broker company still are eliminated to be besides doorsill of management main body. To this Shen Jinjun explains, new measure allows two handcart to manage diversity is to promote the development that two handcart trade, but still cannot put at a draught too. Two handcart business of company of individual, broker trade into two handcart even the market does business, such ability ensure the interest of consumer, also can normative two handcart trade the market.
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