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Buy the two big notes of two handcart

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Examine car procedures:
1, receipt of pay of all sorts of certificate that car should examine before buying, charge and other formalities, when necessary but with primary vehicle advocate to the car tubal branch is checked.
2, after buying a car, car canal branch deals with formalities of change the name of owner in a register,
3, the insurance of two handcart must press buying and selling insurance byelaw is dealt with the 11st times, otherwise the change the name of owner in a register from insurance mark, insurance liability rises to be stopped namely when make over or selling.

Car specifications:
1, leave factory time. The car nameplate inside cab can indicate normally leave factory time, the steel seal number on engine cylinder body and frame also can use the true bogus of nameplate of test and verify.
2, travel course of development. If you think the number on odograph is fluky, the circumstance that can heavy repair with engine so can regard estimation as the reference of course of development of two handcart reserve, its calculation method is: = of reserve course of development already travel course of development (Km) / air cylinder already wear extent (Mm) limiting wear measures × (Mm) - air cylinder already wear extent (Mm) .
3, visual examination. After harmonic to dynamoelectric wiper, radio, sky lamplight undertakes examining, even condition of position of whole to automobile body paint film, automobile body level, rustily degree, front-wheel drive, turn to a circumstance to undertake checking.
4, test-drive examination. Starting engine, movement of low, medium, high speed does not have unusual noise; The gas of vent-pipe eduction is colorless or hoar; Car starts smooth, clutch does not skid, do not shake; Gearshift is light, do not have block, shift gears is difficult, travel of car high speed does not place a head; Transmission shaft and drive axle do not have oscillatory noise. After passing 20 kilometers test-drive, lukewarm, transmission mixes engine water the oily Wen Zhengchang of drive axle, delicacy of apply the brake. If necessary, still but from undertake following observing behind two hand car, if look before, state of rear wheel roll, can judge this car frame to have without after be bumped, be out of shape or the phenomenon such as rear shift.

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